Brut Nature GRAND CRU (Zèro Dosage)
BLEND 70% Pinot Noir 30% Chardonnay (50% wine from 2013 - 50% reserve wines in casks)
TASTING With its bright pale yellow gold colour with light straw-yellow hints, our Brut Nature cuvée reveals the freshness of its fruits (apricot, strawberry and peach from  the vine) along with notes of honeysuckle, buttercup and acacia. Its attack is clean and fresh, delivering creamy and dissolving bubbles. A crisp fruity and pulpy substance  develops in the mouth, with undertones of citrus acidity. The middle of the mouth sustains a creamy minerality with shades of clay that that are direct and  salty. A multitude of fruity and mineral aromatic nuances develop on the palate, with an ending distinguished by crisp fresh fruit.