Brut Prestige Princesse Des Thunes GRAND CRU
BLEND 50% Pinot Noir 50% Chardonnay - The ultimate trasure in our range; an exceptional champagne whose character is the result of a masterful blend of old wines, party  matured in oak casks, and long years of ageing in the cellars.
TASTING A beautiful crystal – clear colour with glints of old gold. Its complex bouquet is an expression of elegance and fineness: a magnific aromatic effect that springs from  the aromas of Pinot Noir, toasted bread, dried fuits, and Chardonnay, citrus oils, white flowers. This depth develps a further dimension on the palate, revealing aromas  of crystallized fruit characteristic of a long ageing process. The high proportion of Chardonnay in the blend gives this great Champagne impressive freshness  and leght.