This wine is reserved for the end of the meals. It is characterized by a perfectly balanced sugar residue. The sparkling wine “Rubigalia Gold” V.S.Q. is made 100% by aromatic Malvasia.
Its delicate scent reminds flowers and fruit. Pleasant at taste, it is characterized by a flavor which is sweet and sourish at the same time.
Grape varieties 100% Malvasia aromatic
Harvest period Semptember
Vinification Classic in white
Fermentation Long spumante Charmat in pressurized autoclaves with selected yeasts
Colour From straw yellow to golden yellow colour, with decidedly sweet taste
Alcohol level 6 % vol
Type Sweet 90 g/l sugar
Ageing 1-2 years
Serving temperature 6 – 8° C
Box 6 bottles 75 cl
Pairings Rubigalia is a dessert wine, it complements sweet-pastry biscuits, desserts based on fried fruit and cheeses aged at length
First year of production 1939