Lambrusco "REMIGIOTTO" Reggiano DOC
“Bologna 1950. Contest for the best Italian wines. The first place goes to Lambrusco “VAL D’ENZA”,  Joyful, sparkling , with lively foam, the best wine to give a sense of joy to the people who know how to taste it even between meals.”

Reggio Emilia 2011. Lambrusco “Remigiotto” is born, technologically more modern, but with the same characteristics as always. It still represents its ancestor through a movement of the soul.
Powerful, deep and addictive. Black with evident ruby and purple reflections, dark and impenetrable, characterized by a thick and persistent perlage. You can smell in it all the fruity notes of the Lambrusco Maestri, notes that are now found in a context of great intensity and style.
In the mouth it is smooth, intriguing, persistent, almost sweet, sustained by a good sourness.
Grape varieties Reggiano DOC 30% Lambrusco Marani, 30% Maestri, 40% Salamino pristine lambrusco must
Harvest period September - October
Vinification In red
Fermentation Long - mono fermentation at controlled temperature
Colour Black with ruby reflection, taste sweet and sour and fruit
Alcohol level 9 %
Type Sweet 50g/l sugar
Ageing 2 years
Serving temperature 8 – 10° C
Box 6 bottles 75 cl - 20 bottles 37,5 cl
Pairings Remigio Premium is a versatile wine, it pairings well with meats dishes, fresh cheese, fruits and petit fours